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LABHero: EDITLife’s Integrated Module for Cell Therapy Labs

integrated systems

LABHero: EDITLife’s Integrated Module for Cell Therapy Labs

For cell therapy clinics and cell therapy labs looking to streamline the flow of information between the clinic and the lab, systems with little or no connectivity are no longer an option. Integrating the clinic and lab ensures that the right users have access to the right data, in the right format, at the right time.


Connectivity between cell therapy clinics and cell therapy labs allows decision-makers a more broad view of the patient journey. When real-time information is instantly accessible, without
the need to extract or tie together data from different sources, staff are empowered to make more informed decisions. The holistic view of data provided by integrated systems allows users
to view comparisons and trends that would be difficult to see when working with multiple tools and data sets.


Integrated systems tear down data silos. EDITLife for Cell Therapy, with its integrated stem cell lab module (LABHero), provides a holistic view of the patient journey. It also helps the cell therapy center remain in compliance, streamline the reporting process, secure data, improve quality and efficiencies, and reduce IT time and costs – all of which support program growth and positively impact patient outcomes.


Learn more about LABHero and the benefits of integrating the cell therapy clinic and lab.


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Marianne Ryan
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