Focused on Your Success

Your designated EDITLife Representative’s top priority is ensuring the system is integral to your operations. The entire EDITLife team works closely with you during installation, which includes legacy data migration, and during implementation, which includes extensive, hands-on training.

Our team of experienced healthcare IT professionals provides on-going maintenance and unparalleled support long after go-live.


The EDITLife Team, including your designated representative, works closely with your IT staff during the installation and implementation processes to accelerate deployment and ensure that the legacy data migration process is as seamless as possible.

The implementation tools developed by the EDITLife team keep the process organized and efficient, assuring that no steps are skipped. MSA’s automated implementation tools:

  • Track every task and every sub-task within each phase
  • Display percentage of tasks completed
  • Identify who completed each task and when
  • More…

EDITLife implementation tools improve productivity; enabling repetitive tasks to be performed more quickly and efficiently – enhancing patient outcomes by eliminating mistakes.

Historical data – from your EHR, databases, spreadsheets, or other sources – can be imported into the EDITLife application. As part of the EDITLife Interchange Structure (EIS) process, the team provides a standard set of formats for your IT team to use to export legacy data.

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Throughout the Implementation phase, EDITLife team members provide the comprehensive on-site and remote training and training materials users need to rapidly realize EDITLife’s full potential. Additional training sessions occur as needed to ensure each member of the team receives the training he/she needs to be successful.


System Administrator/Super User training, provided for up to five staff at no charge, includes software set up and configuration.

On-Going Software Support

EDITLife provides exceptional ongoing, proactive support to prevent and resolve issues quickly. Our services include software updates and patches; applications are updated as new versions become available. We support all licensed EDITLife modules and interfaces. And, all EDITLife clients have access to a fully-staffed and knowledgeable HELP Desk.


The transplant process is complex, supporting it doesn’t have to be!