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Streamline workflows and data management to grow your program.
The tools and data you need to improve patient outcomes at your fingertips.
Cell Therapy Modules

For Blood and Marrow Transplant (BMT) and CAR-T Infusion

Addresses the challenges related to tracking and monitoring cell therapy patients across the entire care pathway.

Cell Processing Lab Module

Integrated software for your center's Cell Processing Lab

Addresses the challenges related to scheduling, inventory tracking, and protocol management.

Solid Organ Transplant Module

For Heart, Lung, Kidney, Liver, and Pancreas Transplant Programs

Addresses the challenges related to Quality Initiatives, Waitlist Management, Adverse Events, and more.

One Size Does Not Fit All

EDITLife is highly-configurable. Tweak it to fit your center’s very specific needs. 

Get the advantages of custom software without the time and cost of developing it.

Your center can easily configure the system to track  

patients and donors for COVID 19 and other viruses. 

Your System Administrator can, for example:

Select dropdown options and defaults

Choose data displayed in grids and graphs

Set alert parameters and patient thresholds

Create, modify, and delete lab sets

Add center-specific questions to Medical History, Co-morbidity, and other forms

Manage users and assign role-based privileges and securities

User flexibility, too:

Customize your dashboard

Select a landing page

Choose a proxy to reassign patient tasks

Inbound, Outbound, Custom Interfaces – We Do It All

EHR-agnostic, EDITLife seamlessly interfaces with ALL hospital EHRs

to reduce data entry and improve data accuracy

Key Features in Every EDITLife Solution

Help Manage Your Workflow

Interactive, Auto-Updated Checklists, Patient Lists, and Product Lists

Auto-generated Graphs with Labs and Meds,

Side-by-Side Comparisons of Uploaded Photos and Files

Table and Grids Along with Auto-generated Graphs of Current and Historical Procedure Results

Checklists (That Display Results)

Checklists that go beyond tracking tasks, EDITLife’s interactive smartlists support clinician decision-making and augment communication.

Procedure/task results are displayed on the Checklist page.

Auto-updates keep your checklists current.

Standardize best practices while allowing for patient-specific tasks.

Simultaneous checklists for each patient.

Do it right every time for every patient.

Tracks % Completion of Checklists

Pre Checklist 0

Post Checklist 0

Research Study Checklist 0

Patient Lists (Just Yours or All Patients)

Need to know immediately which of your patients needs an evaluation scheduled in the next 10 days? In the next 5 days?

Who is due for follow-up testing this week? This month?

Automated Patient Lists help you manage your workflow by telling you who needs what done today, tomorrow, this week, this month, etc.  As things get done, the system automatically updates the list.

Choose which Patient Lists you want EDITLife to display front and center on your user-dashboard – then say good-bye to all those sticky notes!

Auto-Updated Lists Manage Workflows

Referrals Need Evaluation Appointment in the Next 7 Days

Referrals Need Evaluation Appointment in the Next 7 Days


Patients Need Insurance Approvals in the Next 14 Days

Patients Need Insurance Approvals in the Next 14 Days

EDITLife Dashboard

Staying organized and on the same page is especially important in centers

 where the top priorities are patient care, safety, and outcomes.

A secure Notification Center allows you to send and receive messages, assign critical tasks, and more, without leaving EDITLife.

View lists, messages, tasks, labs, appointments, and conferences on your (customizable) dashboard.

Send Messages

Send secure messages to an individual or to a group without jumping to another system. Keep your patient's private healthcare information, well, you know... private.

Assign Tasks

Individual and group-assigned tasks remain on the dashboard until marked complete by any one of the assignees. Highlighted overdue tasks sort to the top of the list.

Review Labs

Don't waste any more time checking again and again to see when lab results are ready for review. Focus on other things; EDITLife has your back and will keep you informed.

Stay Current

Never miss another meeting because you forgot to check your calendar. The EDITLife dashboard eliminates surprises by showing you your day, every day!

Data In. Insight Out.

EDITLife captures more discrete transplant-specific data for analytics and reporting than any other system on the market.

User-friendly, integrated ad-hoc reporting tools allow you to answer questions at the speed of transplant!  AND, without involving your IT staff!

  • Confidently make real-time, data-driven decisions
  • Quickly build meaningful reports for admin/clinical purposes
  • Easily create/store/publish any number of on-demand reports

Transplant Software

Direct Your Valuable Resources Towards Patient Care

Realize huge cost and IT time savings by installing EDITLife in both your BMT and Solid Organ transplant programs.

Installing a single integrated system with shared interfaces to the EHR and other existing systems allows valuable resources to be directed towards what matters most: patient care.

The More You Know

Accurate, accessible, interpretable data is the heart of informed decision-making in healthcare.

The large data sets captured in EDITLife answer your most pressing questions and lead to insights.

 Clinicians turn insights into decisions that impact outcomes.

Patient Banner

A quick glance at the auto-updated banner displayed on every patient screen confirms that you are working in the correct record and tells you a lot about the patient: name, MRN, date of birth, gender, ABO, transplant type and date, status and status date, donor ID, clinicians, and other data that you choose to see front and center – including photos.

See data in real-time, every time.

Quick Views

Quick Views – real-time data snapshots – are everywhere in EDITLife. Patient, Provider, and Candidacy Quick Views provide instant access to pertinent information. Open a Patient Quick View in the banner to see the date of the most recent labs, vitals, contact info, and more. The Candidacy Quick View gives you something your EHR does not: a side-by-side comparison of the Recipient and Donor.


Summary Reports

Let EDITLife do the work! Data entered once in EDITLife is auto-populated everywhere it needs to be – including in auto-generated reports, such as the Recipient Summary and Selection Conference Report. Printable, summary reports provide a comprehensive overview of your patient’s condition for monitoring care and/or presenting to the selection committee.

The data you need in one place!

Let Us Walk You Through A Patient Journey Today!

See for yourself how EDITLife fits your program’s unique workflow. Let us show you what sets EDITLife apart from other systems and the many ways the system saves you time and improves quality of care.