Seamlessly Connecting the Stem Cell Lab

with the Cell Therapy Clinic

The LABHero Solution

Smoothly Integrates Workflows

Improves Quality and Compliance

Streamlines Processes

Unrivalled Inventory Management

Innovative Protocol Management

Cell Counter Interface

Raw cell counter data seamlessly flows directly into the single EDITLife database shared by the stem cell lab and cell therapy clinic.

EDITLife automatically converts this raw data into absolute cell counts.

Eliminates manual cell counter data entry time and associated errors.

Integrated Workflows

An integrated workflow approach helps you meet the increasing complexity of the cell therapy environment.

A unified single platform improves both the lab and clinic – and ultimately the patient – experience.

Improved communication during the Collection, Conditioning, and Infusion processes helps with planning and timing

Eliminates the need to duplicate information in two different systems

Information flows easily between the lab and clinic - helps with scheduling and keeps everyone on the same page

Addresses various demands of compliance reporting - including the auto-population of CIBMTR and other regulatory forms

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The Power of Integrating Cell Therapy Clinics & Stem Cell Processing Labs


Quality Control and Compliance

Innovative features for managing Quality. Easily compare trends to assess performance and identify process improvements.

Capture the data required by FACT, AABB, FDA, and other regulatory agencies – including lot number and expiration date for all reagents, supplies and equipment. Track Quality consistently – not just at audit time or end-points.

User-friendly Protocol Builder for protocol management (custom defaults reduce manual entry)

Control the availability of reagents and supplies for use (attach QC documentation)

ISBT 128 product barcoding and labeling

Role and password-based security and electronic sign-offs

Comprehensive audit trails and protected tables

Recall functionality for precisely identifying reagents, supplies, kits, and equipment associated to a product

User-configurable Dashboards provide real-time data and analyses to drive daily activities



Easily modify electronic versions

of your center’s cell processing protocols

Tweak default and pre-configured protocols as needed using a drag-and-drop Task Builder

Defaults set during configuration reduce manual data entry

Align protocols with Lab Processing SOPs

Easy to communicate and manage multiple protocols, changes, and updates

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Intuitive, Customizable Dashboards 

Add, remove, or rearrange widgets to suit your role and personal preferences.

Current Inventory Capacity

Inventory Capacity Trends

Inventory Alerts

Expiring Reagent Lots

Tasks and Messages


Streamline Processes

Quickly add and remove items from inventory.

Visualize open storage capacity – easily find unoccupied storage locations.

Quickly search inventory using DIN, Donor/Recipient Name, Reagent Lot, and more.


Inventory Management

Macro- and micro-level views of the products in inventory along with where to find the product...


Inventory Management

Control availability, set inventory alerts, search for reagents, supplies, and kits linked to products...


Availability Management

Control equipment availability, designate as ``Primary`` or ``Back-up,`` add to inventory and assign a location...



Auto-updated Product Lists

ensure that nothing

falls through the cracks

Active Product: Shows work currently in progress, including % Complete and Most Recent User

Holding Tank: Products that have been received but have not begun processing, including Locations and Date Entered Into Hold

Incoming Shipments: Interfaced with HCT calendar, displays incoming and planned shipments activity

Sign-Off Requests: Lists products that require a signature

Integrate your Lab and Clinic with LABHero