Advantages of EDITLife On-Premise Software

Advantages of EDITLife On-Premise Software

Data security and loss of control over data and entrusted information remain a concern for healthcare organizations that work with patient data/PHI (Protected Health Information). For this reason, MSA offers EDITLife On-Premise software for Cell Therapy/Blood and Marrow Transplant (BMT) programs, Stem Cell Processing Labs, and Solid Organ Transplant programs.


EDITLife On-Premise software is installed locally and run on the organization’s computers and servers. The software as well as the clinical data entered is stored locally on in-house servers, it never leaves the premises. The hospital’s IT department maintains the on-premise IT infrastructure in private data centers typically housed in the facility.


EDITLife – the industry’s leading data and clinical workflow management system – is a robust system built with a deep focus on data security and privacy. It enables secure data sharing and can be deployed on-premise in transplant centers handling sensitive data to help mitigate the risk of data breaches. EDITLife adheres to a hospital’s security protocols. Deploying EDITLife on premise is hosted behind the hospital’s firewall, enabling administrators to retain full data ownership. Tools provided in the fully automated and integrated EDITLife software reduce IT involvement, enabling IT to focus on core business and improving the IT infrastructure.


EDITLife On-Premise software is the ideal solution for healthcare organizations wanting to store patient information on-site, in their data centers – particularly those that already have a data center and sufficient IT staff in place.


Learn More.  Click to download the whitepaper: Advantages of On-Premise Solutions for Healthcare Organizations



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