MSA Demonstrates Leading Transplant Software at UNOS TMF

MSA Demonstrates Leading Transplant Software at UNOS TMF

March 2023 – Pittsburgh, PA – Management Life Sciences (MSA), a leading enterprise technology, data management and analytics firm, is pleased to announce it will exhibit EDITLife software for Solid Organ Transplant at the 2023 UNOS TMF (Transplant Management Forum) taking place May 16-17 in Denver, Colorado. Leaders of MSA’s Life Sciences Division, Tony Fontecchio, Senior Vice President, and Marianne Ryan, EDITLife Marketing Manager, will facilitate test drives of the web-based, patient-centric software designed with and for transplant physicians and clinicians in Booth #106.  


EDITLife’s comprehensive tools help solid organ transplant increase efficiency, enhance patient care, and achieve/maintain regulatory compliance. The user-friendly EDITLife system seamlessly connects to EHRs and provides fully-integrated features that streamline clinical workflows. The solution saves valuable time, eliminates tedious tasks that can lead to errors, allows easy access to data, and efficiently organizes transplant data from referral through post follow-up. Built on a single, unified platform, EDITLife improves communication by enabling the entire care team to share real-time data. Highly configurable, EDITLife for Solid Organ Transplant simplifies capturing, accessing, and reporting patient and donor data for treatment, administrative, research, and other purposes.  


The EDITLife team is excited to re-connect in person with leaders in the transplant community.  “We are thrilled to bring EDITLife for Solid Organ Transplant to UNOS TMF 2023.  The forum is an excellent opportunity for administrators, physician and surgeons, and other leaders in the transplant community to get a hands-on experience of EDITLife with a test drive,” said Tony Fontecchio.


“The EDITLife team is proud to share a robust solution that helps manage the waitlist process, supports quality improvement initiatives, reduces data entry, and does so much more,” said Marianne Ryan.


Click here to experience EDITLife online or in Booth #106 at UNOS TMF 2023.  Learn more about EDITLife for Solid Organ Transplant.

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