EDITLife Transplant Software for Cell Therapy and Stem Cell Labs at 2023 AABB Annual Meeting


EDITLife Transplant Software for Cell Therapy and Stem Cell Labs at 2023 AABB Annual Meeting

September 2023 – Pittsburgh, PA – Management Science Associates (MSA) will proudly exhibit the EDITLife transplant software for BMT/Cell Therapy programs and Stem Cell Processing labs at the 2023 AABB Annual Meeting, Oct 14-17, in Nashville, TN.


Designed with and for physicians and clinicians, EDITLife – the leading transplant data and clinical workflow management system – includes LABHero, a fully-integrated, cutting-edge module for the Stem Cell Lab. The fully-automated, end-to-end transplant software seamlessly connects to all EHRs – reducing tedious tasks and improving data integrity.


Web-based and patient-centric, EDITLife is built on a single, unified platform, enabling clinic, lab, and apheresis teams to share real-time data. The centralized database efficiently organizes patient and donor data in one place. A user-friendly report builder enables users to easily access data and generate ad hoc reports for clinical, research, administrative and other purposes.


LABHero captures data required by AABB, FACT, the FDA and other regulatory agencies. The module helps improve product integrity by standardizing and documenting protocols and processes.


The EDITLife Team is looking forward to connecting with the community of professionals attending the AABB Meeting. “This conference is a great opportunity to learn from renowned experts in the field. We are excited to connect with like-minded leaders interested in advancing the industry,” said Tony Fontecchio, SVP, MSA Life Sciences.


“EDITLife continues to provide extreme value to transplant centers and stem cell labs. We are happy to provide a hands-on demonstration of EDITLife’s innovative features and functionality,” said Brandon Jennings, Sr. Business Development Manager, MSA Life Sciences.





For decades, prominent industry leaders have relied on MSA Life Sciences for state-of-the-art data solutions and services. Organizations and institutions benefit from the division’s vast experience combined with the knowledge gained from collaborating with industry experts. Under the direction of Tony Fontecchio, Senior Vice President, the division leverages the corporation’s core competencies — Data Management, Information Technology, and Business Analytics — in three areas: Clinical Workflow Applications (EDITLife), Healthcare Data Management, and Healthcare Mobile Applications.




Since its incorporation in 1963, Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) has partnered with customers to identify areas where innovative use of data and analytic systems can create value by driving growth and/or efficiency. Within processes and departments, across large and small enterprises, and throughout demand and supply chains, MSA helps customers put their data to work. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, MSA provides solutions for over 300 clients, including some of the world’s largest and most innovative corporations and institutions. 





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