Everything you need in a transplant management system to effectively manage your program.
Blood and marrow
A feature-rich system that manages transplant data and monitors care for Autologous and Allogeneic (Related, Unrelated, and Cord) transplants.
solid organ
A robust software solution for meeting/exceeding the requirements of Heart, Lung, Kidney, Liver, and Pancreas transplant programs.


EDITLife® is a powerful and innovative transplant management system from the healthcare technology experts at MSA. Utilizing a patient-centric, data-driven approach, the EDITLife software application monitors patient care from referral through post-transplant for both Blood and Marrow and Solid Organ transplants.

MSA healthcare IT experts designed EDITLife in collaboration with renowned transplant administrators, physicians, social workers, data coordinators, and financial coordinators. The system gives you a full, 360 degree view of the patient journey.
EASY TO USE: An intuitive User Interface that mirrors your clinical workflow makes EDITLife easy to use and ensures that the software is integral to your operations.
COMPREHENSIVE: EDITLife is a complete package. The system provides the tools you need to capture, analyze, and report recipient and donor data for administrative, insurance, regulatory, and research purposes. No more digging for data – say good-bye to sticky notes!
CURRENT: State-of-the-art software that meets your current needs, EDITLife is designed to expand to meet future needs. EDITLife’s high configurability allows you to adapt easily to changes in procedures, best practices, and regulations.
EDITLife™ - Transplant Management System
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