EDITLife BMT / Cell Therapy Software

and Solid Organ Transplant Software

Leading transplant data and clinical workflow management

software for Cell Therapy Clinics, Stem Cell Labs,

and Solid Organ Transplant Programs

Patient-centric software for managing the entire patient journey

Secures and provides access to pre/post discrete data

Fully-automates regulatory form completion and submission

Auto-generates reports, letters, and labels

Seamlessly connects your cell therapy clinic, solid organ transplant clinic, stem cell processing lab, and EHR

Designed by and for physicians and clinicians

In your transplant clinic, EDITLife tools manage your transplant data through all phases of patient care, helping you improve outcomes, maintain regulatory compliance, and share data.

In your stem cell lab, EDITLife Cell Therapy software helps you maintain compliance and continuously improve operations, processes, and outcomes.

EDITLife improves communication, reduces manual data entry,

eliminates duplicate data entry, and so much more…

Improves Communication

Easy access to real-time recipient, donor, and product data keeps everyone on the same page, enabling more informed decision making and enhanced patient care management.

Increases Patient Safety

Connectivity to/from your clinic, cell processing lab, and EHR decreases the likelihood of data entry errors. Integrated modules increase efficiencies and put the focus back on patient care.

Helps You Maintain Compliance

Stay survey ready at all times. Easily access the data needed to quickly generate reports for regulatory audits. Automate CIBMTR and UNOS form completion and submission.

Ready to make your job a whole lot easier? 

EDITLife: One Single, Fully-Integrated Solution

Cell Therapy Software

Blood and Marrow Transplant (Autologous and Allogeneic)

CAR-T Infusion

Stem Cell Lab Software 

Cell Processing Lab Software: LABHero

Product, Reagents/Supplies, Kits, and Equipment Inventory Management

Protocol Management

Solid Organ Transplant Software






cell therapy transplant software and digital solutions

Everything you need for an up t0 360 degree view of your patient’s journey neatly packaged into one amazing software application.


Do Your Current Tools... keep you a step ahead?

EDITLife will with automated Checklists and Patient Lists.

Tools, such as automated Patient Lists, Product Lists, and Task Checklists keep patients, products, and tasks - including financial approvals, procedures, and forms - from falling through the cracks. With EDITLife, stay on top of due dates and deadlines!


Do Your Current Tools... alert you when labs are available?

EDITLife will with user-customized Dashboards.

Your time is valuable. EDITLife's Dashboard displays the labs that need to be reviewed. No need to keep checking for lab results, EDITLife will let you know!


Do Your Current Tools... keep everyone on the same page?

EDITLife will with a robust Notifications module.

Communication matters, especially when patient care and safety are the top priorities. EDITLife provides a better, faster, more secure way for clinicians and the lab to track tasks, send messages, share files and photos, and schedule workflows.


Do Your Current Tools... provide a patient-centric view?

EDITLife will with innovative data displays.

Unlike your encounter-centric EHR, patient-centric EDITLife allows you to view all related data on one screen, including side-by-side comparisons of recipients and donors.

Highly-Configurable Solutions To Meet Any Center’s Specific Needs

Adult and/or Pediatric. Large, Medium or Small. Cell Therapy and/or Solid Organ Transplant.

Transplant Software

Cell Therapy BMT: An end-to-end solution, EDITLife manages transplant-specific data and tracks care for adult and pediatric Autologous and Allogeneic (Related, Unrelated, and Cord) patients throughout the entire BMT process – from initial referral through evaluation, donor selection, product collection and processing, infusion, and post-infusion follow-up.


CELL THERAPY CAR-T: EDITLife manages the Autologous CAR-T data needed to monitor and improve patient outcomes. Tools are provided to capture and report pre-infusion, infusion, and follow-up data. Recipients can be closely followed to assess the risk of developing subsequent neoplasms and other potential adverse effects. Data is auto-populated in CIBMTR CAR-T forms and electronically submitted via CIBMTR’s AGNIS interface.


CELL PROCESSING LAB: The LABHero module for cell processing labs is a data, workflow, and SOP coordination system designed to support FDA, FACT, AABB, and other regulatory requirements. Tightly interfaced to the clinic, LABHero improves communication between lab personnel and clinicians, streamlining lab activities.


SOLID ORGAN TRANSPLANT: A feature-rich solution for managing and tracking patient care across all transplant phases – from initial referral through evaluation, selection, waitlist management, transplant, and post-transplant follow-up – of solid organ transplantation, including Heart, Lung, Kidney, Liver, and Pancreas.


Complements Your EHR

Tightly interfaced, EDITLife pulls in encounter-centric data from the EHR and wraps it into a patient-centric display. In addition, EDITLife captures and displays cell therapy and transplant-specific data that your hospital EHR does not. With EDITLife, you can, e.g., view side-by-side donor/recipient comparisons, capture data on potential donors not entered in the EHR, and review current and historical procedure results on one screen.

Extremely Intuitive

EDITLife's intuitive interface mirrors your clinic and cell processing lab workflows - and uses good old English words instead of icons so you don't have to guess what something means. A customizable patient banner displays critical information on every screen in the patient record to guide you and keep you informed of your patient's progress through each phase of the process.

Easy Ad-Hoc Reporting

No need to ask your IT staff to build reports! Anyone who knows how to use a mouse can create, store, publish, and share ``on demand`` reports in no time using EDITLife's integrated, drag-and-drop ad-hoc reporting tools. The system provides easy access to a real-time view of your data for building any number of ``on-the-fly`` reports while protecting your stored data.

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