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Factors Associated With Clinician Stress and Burnout

factors associated with adverse clinician outcomes

Factors Associated With Clinician Stress and Burnout

A recent study found that EHR design/use factors, including information overload and excessive data entry, and other factors, such as lack of control of workload, chaotic environments, lack of attention to work-life balance, and ineffective teamwork, significantly contribute to clinician stress and burnout.


The highly-configurable EDITLife Cell Therapy and Solid Organ Data and Workflow Management System provides features and functionality that address these challenges.


EDITLife, for example, helps reduce information overload by displaying patient-centric, transplant/infusion-specific data based on a particular users’ need. Other features such as summary reports and quick views put the most relevant information at the clinician’s fingertips. Tables are designed to show high-level information but contain links for navigating to the details.


The system provides automatically updated Patient Lists that help users manage their workload. The fact that all members of the care team have access to the same real-time information at all times supports effective teamwork.


Read more about the association of electronic health record design and use factors with clinical stress and burnout.  Click here to read Association of Electronic Health Record Design and Use Factors with Clinical Stress and Burnout, Philip J. Kroth, et. al., JAMA, August 2019.







Marianne Ryan
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