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Innovative Tools and Processes

EDITLife knows the challenges that implementation can present and how to mitigate them. Using EDITLife tools and processes, even the most complex implementation can realize success and return on investment in a reasonable amount of time. EDITLife’s innovative implementation software helps ensure that the process stays within the allotted budget and timeframe.

Tools developed by the EDITLife team keep the process organized and efficient, assuring that no steps are skipped. MSA’s automated tools track every task and every sub-task within each phase, displays percentage of tasks completed along with who completed each task and when, and more.

Enabling repetitive tasks to be performed more quickly and efficiently improves productivity and eliminates mistakes. Knowing ways to simplify data migration helps keep the project timeline on track and minimizes data errors and issues at go-live.

This paper describes how EDITLife team members simplify the implementation process, and provide support well beyond go-live.

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