Justification of a Cell Therapy Software Investment

Before investing in cell therapy software – a data and clinical workflow management system – CEOs, CFOs, and other key decision-makers understandably want to see solid evidence of a system’s merit. Certainly, costs need to be considered; however, equally important are the many benefits that come with utilizing a fully integrated, fully automated electronic data management system.

The deliberate and mindful approach to cost justification and functional review presented in this paper can increase the likelihood of a good outcome – starting with the identification of existing problems and how the new system will solve them.

Another crucial step in the justification is to identify the total cost involved in licensing, implementing, and maintaining/supporting the software. Understanding the full cost of the solution will prepare you to answer questions, such as the following:



• What is the licensing model?


• What is the initial investment?


• What maintenance investment will be required in subsequent years?


• What internal costs will the hospital incur for the software implementation?

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