Collaborative Communication Tools for the Transplant Care Team

Collaborative Communication Tools for the Transplant Care Team

Collabortive communication is a crucial component of the transplant process. Whether it be the cell therapy clinic and the stem cell lab sharing information about Product Inventory, or a kidney team immediately knowing which tasks have been done (and their results), and which still need to be performed, the need to effectively share information is always present in both cell therapy and solid organ transplant.


In transplant, optimal patient care requires the expertise of a team of providers with differing specialties. People in various roles – including physicians, surgeons, program administrators, nursing staff, transplant coordinators, data coordinators, social workers, stem cell lab managers/technicians, pharmacy staff, and financial coordinators – work together to share expertise, knowledge, and skills. This interdisciplinary team (IDT) approach is complex; tasks are divided among functional units, however, each care team member needs a common understanding of the interconnected workflow. Effective, collaborative communication can be further complicated if lacking tools and technology that support the center’s communication strategies.


Effective collaborative communication improves patient outcomes, increases patient satisfaction (poor communication among providers can negatively impact a patient’s perception of care delivery), and increases healthcare savings (less wasted time).


Technology that coordinates workflows and stores transplant-specific data in one central, easily accessible place is key to collaborative communication and effective interdisciplinary teamwork. Software tools that support consistent communication enable IDT members to be clear about their own and each other’s roles. Seeing the timing and results of each other’s work guides treatment planning, decision making, and care coordination.


The EDITLife Data and Clinical Workflow Management system has the collaborative communication tools IDTs need to work efficiently (no more double entry or digging for data) and effectively (streamlined workflows) – independently and as a team.


Learn More.  Click to download the whitepaper: Collaborative Communication Tools for the Transplant Care Team



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