EHRs Can Be A Big Miss


Time and time again our team hears from Hospital IT management, “Why would we buy a cell therapy/transplant management system when our center already has a multi-million dollar EHR?” Quite often the school of thought has been that an EHR is a one-size fits all, silver bullet that will reduce costs, reduce errors, and increase productivity. It’s supposed to deliver everything to everyone in one system – with no need for ancillary solutions. The EHR has been marketed to deliver more security and provide easy access to all the data clinicians need for decision-making.

In theory, all of this should be true. However, for specialty departments like cell therapy and solid organ transplant centers, the required transplant/infusion-specific details are either not available or easily accessible within the encounter-based EHR. It’s becoming more and more apparent that ancillary solutions, such as data and clinical workflow management systems (TMS) tightly interfaced to the EHR, are required in order to fully support clinicians and program staff.

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