A Robust Solid Organ Transplant Software System

One comprehensive system for tracking solid organ transplant quality initiatives,
waitlist status, adverse events, and so much more.

So many things need to be tracked for solid organ transplant.

Where do you begin?

With EDITLife, innovative solid organ transplant software:








The EDITLife data and clinical workflow management software system for Solid Organ efficiently manages recipient data, as well as living and deceased donor data. EDITLife is the one automated and integrated system you need to monitor care and services in all phases of Solid Organ transplant.

Data-Driven Quality

What is the common factor in successful QAPI projects? It’s the ability to track data. EDITLife provides the easy access to real-time, accurate, transplant-specific data your Quality Assurance team needs to measure and report the effectiveness of your quality initiatives and to develop data-driven strategies.


EDITLife solid organ transplant software:

Collects more discrete, reportable data than any other system

Ensures that staff adhere to standardized protocols

Reduces the errors associated with manual data entry

Keeps the entire team on the same page at all times

Enables you to identify trends using auto-generated graphs within the application

Provides user-friendly ad-hoc reporting tools to help you stay on top of all quality projects

EDITLife's automatically generated and printable Flowsheets...

...track all relevant lab results, vitals, and more all in one place.

Review multiple lab results simultaneously. Compare Donor and Recipient HLA, ABO, and more.

Solid Organ Transplant Software

Easy to use, Pre- and Post-Transplant tools.

EDITLife manages transplant data for a diverse set of transplant centers - from small, single-organ to large, multi-organ programs.

Highly-configurable, EDITLife’s Pre/Post-Transplant tools help solid organ transplant programs meet their QAPI goals and maintain regulatory compliance. Integrated tools, such as an ad-hoc report building tool, allow clinicians to manage and track transplant-specific information throughout all phases of solid organ transplant, including adverse events.

Leaders in the transplant community rely everyday on EDITLife solid organ transplant software features, such as the UNOS Status Management and Waitlist Review tools, to simplify tedious and time-consuming tasks. Shouldn’t you?

Med/Surg History

An accurate and complete patient history is essential for optimal care. EDITLife makes it easy to collect, maintain, and review historical Medical, Cardiovascular, and Psychiatric problems, as well as preventative maintenance, malignancies, and surgeries. A summary of complications is provided along with, just as importantly, a list of pertinent negatives.

Selection Committee Meetings

EDITLife makes it a little easier to make the difficult decisions required of the Selection Committee. An integrated calendar tracks the when and where, and links to more details. The TMS auto-generates a summary Selection Conference Report for each patient and offers an outbound interface for sending meeting documentation, including attendees and decision, to your EHR.

UNOS Status Management

The rules that dictate the waitlist vary by organ but consistent across all organ transplants is the need to vigilantly manage each patient's wait. EDITLife's innovative UNOS Status Management tool tracks Waitlist Status, Activation, and Transfer information along with Patient/Program-specific Transplant Criteria - AND auto-calculates MELD/PELD scores, LAS, EPTS, and more!

Waitlist Review

EDITLife's interactive Waitlist Review tool ensures that a patient is ready to accept a life-saving organ when offered. The tool efficiently manages all waitlisted patients, identifying those next in line based on candidacy, waitlist status, blood type, etc. EDITLife TMS keeps the care team informed of critical changes in a patient's condition.

Graft Failure

EDITLife helps you track the many procedures needed to monitor organ function and diagnose rejection. And when the immune system wins the fight, a Graft Failure screen mapped to the appropriate UNOS form, allows you to document the date/time of death, and the primary/contributing causes of failure.

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