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February 5, 2016


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Handy Search Syntax Tips




& AND Finds only documents containing all of the specific words or phrases. For
example, “Liver & Transplant” finds documents with
both the word “Liver” and the word “Transplant”.
| OR Finds documents containing at least one of the specified words or phrases.
For example, “Kidney | Transplant” finds documents containing
either “Kidney” or “Transplant”. The found documents
could contain both, but do not have to.
! AND NOT Excludes documents containing the specific word or phrase. For example,
Heart ! Transplant” finds documents containing “Heart” but not
containing “Transplant”. As with the & and | operators, ! must appear between
two terms.
[ ] Grouping Used to group portions of boolean queries together for more complicated
queries. For example, “Lung & [suggested |
required] ! Transplant
” finds documents containing “Lung” and either
“suggested” or “required but not “Transplant”.

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