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Partnership Between MSA and Extract Systems Helps Transplant Centers Tackle a Costly Patient Data Extraction Problem

Partnership Between MSA and Extract Systems Helps Transplant Centers Tackle a Costly Patient Data Extraction Problem

Pittsburgh, PA; September 21, 2018 – Today MSA and Extract Systems announced a business partnership that provides MSA’s EDITLife Transplant Management System (TMS) users the ability to access patient data captured in unstructured documents utilizing Extract’s data extraction tools.

Currently, administrative and clinical staff at many Blood and Marrow (BMT) and Solid Organ transplant centers manually enter lab values and other critical patient information into reports, accreditation audits, and required regulatory forms, a tedious process that is costly in terms of time and potentially life-threatening errors, and that takes time away from patient care.

Developed by MSA’s Life Sciences Division specifically for BMT and Solid Organ transplant programs, EDITLife, the industry’s most advanced transplant management system, fully automates the data collection, tracking, and reporting of transplant-specific data, streamlining the clinical workflow in ways not before possible. By tightly interfacing to the hospital EHR, EDITLife eliminates the need for hand-entering structured data stored in the electronic patient record.

MSA’s partnership with Extract gives EDITLife users the ability to capture unstructured data as well. Extract’s intelligently designed data extraction process allows transplant centers to extract unstructured patient lab data from pdfs, spreadsheets, MS Word, or other files stored in faxes or electronic documents attached to the EHR. The unstructured data is converted to discrete data, which EDITLife uses to auto-populate regulatory forms and reports in real time.

The Extract and EDITLife partnership decreases costs by eliminating hand entering and duplicate entering of structured and unstructured data, as well as speeds access to real-time patient data.

“It is my pleasure to announce MSA Life Science’s referral partnership with Extract Systems,” said Tony Fontecchio, VP, MSA Life Sciences. “EDITLife was designed to interface with all EHRs in order to reduce data entry and improve data accuracy. Having a direct connection with Extract Systems will enable the EDITLife team to better meet our customers’ need to efficiently capture the valuable data in unstructured documents or data sources.”

“By partnering with MSA Life Sciences, Extract Systems is helping to streamline the transplant data entry process,” said David Rasmussen, President of Extract Systems. “Extract’s intelligent data capture solution changes the test results workflow, eliminating the need for clinical staff to do clerical work and putting the focus back on patient care. Our extraction platform captures all the data from unstructured documents that transplant programs need to make informed decisions that lead to improved outcomes.”


About Extract Systems

Extract Systems, based in Madison, WI, is an industry leader in data automation technology.  We protect sensitive information and capture valuable information contained in incoming outside documents.  Our technology allows information in unstructured documents to be available for productive use in business, healthcare, research, and public records.  For more than 20 years, our passion has been empowering organizations to automate data and document workflows to work faster and more efficiently and to save time and money.  Learn more about our HealthyData™ and document handling software at www.extractsystems.com.



Management Science Associates, Inc. (MSA) creates and commercializes information-based models, processes, systems and software for industry and government.  Since its inception in the 1950s, its incorporation in 1963 and through today, MSA has partnered with customers to identify areas where innovative use of data and analytic systems can create value by driving growth and/or efficiency.  Using its expertise with the tools of information management – analytics, data management and software and systems technology – MSA develops, integrates, implements and maintains products and services in various functional and vertical domains.  Within processes and departments, across large and small enterprises, and throughout demand and supply chains, MSA helps customers put their data to work.


MSA’s 750+ employees provide solutions for over 300 clients, including some of the largest and most innovative U.S. and foreign corporations and institutions.  Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, MSA has offices in New York City; Atlanta; Cardiff, UK; Shanghai and Beijing, China; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  It also maintains a presence in Florida and Las Vegas.  For more information, please visit www.MSA.com.

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