Justification for LABHero Cell Processing Lab Software

LABHero justification meeting

Calculating ROI for Cell Processing Lab software should be benefits driven, taking into account qualitative metrics that support the transplant program’s strategic goals, such as patient safety, quality of care, provider satisfaction (e.g., Implementing time-saving technologies keeps staff engaged), quality reporting, and audit readiness/response.

LABHero, the EDITLife data and clinical workflow management system’s module for cell processing labs, addresses the unprecedented array of new and sometimes contradictory challenges facing cell processing labs. The fully-integrated and automated software streamlines every step of the lab workflow – including Screening, Eligibility, Scheduling, Collection, and Infusion – focusing on processing quality product and ultimately, improving patient outcomes.

Other qualitative benefits gained from LABHero include improved:


• Communication – sharing a unified, single platform allows information to flow easily between the lab and the clinic, enabling teams to work more in sync.


• Medical outcomes, such as a reduction in future infections, which will require long-term analysis to reveal an impact on costs.


• Data management – a digitized system frees up staff time to concentrate on scientific work and other tasks where they can add the most value.


• Data accuracy – what is the cost of getting it wrong? Of scrapping a whole collection, or worse, releasing product that should have been reworked or scrapped?

This paper describes the functionality and some unique features of EDITLife’s LABHero module for the Cell Processing Lab to help you present a strong case for licensing the software to modernize and upgrade your laboratory operations.

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