Improve Your Transplant Process

3 Important Ways EDITLife Can Improve Your Transplant Process

Give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll tell you how EDITLife will help your transplant program become more efficient by reducing manual data entry, eliminating duplicate data entry, and automating tasks.
Give us a few more minutes and we’ll show you some of the advanced features that your clinical staff will love. EDITLife does a lot of the work for you – for example, auto-creating problem lists and procedures, auto-updating checklists and candidacy statuses, auto-calculating if/when BMT engraftment occurs, auto-populating your calendar, assisting with scheduling, providing duplicate forms, and so much more.
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More Than Just Software

MSA is focused on your success. Continual support from an experienced team that understands the transplant process ensures continuous value from EDITLife and that the system is an integral part of your center’s operations. The EDITLife team works closely with you during installation – which includes legacy data migration, and implementation – which includes trainings based on workflows. The team provides on-going maintenance and unparalleled support long after go-live.

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