The Importance of Data Visualization

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The Importance of Data Visualization

Data visualization – the process of analyzing data and communicating the results in a visual context – makes transplant data less challenging to comprehend. The process can help transplant programs by delivering essential transplant data in the most efficient way possible – compiling critical raw essential data into visualizations so that informed conclusions can be reached. A crucial mission of data visualization is to accelerate time to insight—that is, enabling care teams to understand the significance of trends, patterns, and unexpected changes in the data quickly so they can make timely, high-impact treatment decisions. A key element in the success of visualization is data interaction; users need broad capabilities for manipulating data, including the ability to drill down into the details.

The benefits of data visualization are truly endless, and include:

  • Physicians and clinicians are educated and empowered to make data-informed, data-driven treatment decisions by easy-to-understand and interpret data visualizations delivered in the most efficient way possible.
  • Using data visualization, a transplant program can better understand and improve its operating costs, effectiveness, and patient satisfaction, as well as track patient health and progression.
  • Visualization helps identify errors and inaccuracies in data, and reduces the need for IT involvement since data is more accessible and understandable, decreasing the time to view gaps. Dashboards and other visualization tools give users more control, enabling them to progress further on their own rather than depend on IT – something particularly important for hospitals where IT application backlogs are a problem.

EDITLife’s experienced and agile team of “visualization wizards” has the vast industry expertise supported by scientific rigor and in-depth knowledge of advanced techniques required to help care teams better see and understand data, ensuring success by helping care teams understand the whole story.


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