Simplify Implementation

Simplify Implementation

EDITLife data and clinical workflow management software enhances patient care, improving outcomes. The EDITLife team – aligned with the customer’s overall objectives, processes, and timelines – simplifies the implementation process, ensuring that the system is integral to operations at go-live and beyond.


The Transplant Management System vendor with the most advanced tools and processes, the EDITLife team of experts knows the challenges that the process can present and how to mitigate them. Using EDITLife,  even the most complex implementation can realize success and return on investment in a reasonable amount of time.


EDITLife’s innovative tools help ensure that the process stays within the allotted budget and timeframe. A smooth software installation requires a solid project plan with realistic goals, as well as collaboration and communication between the customer and the EDITLife team. Customers are kept informed and involved – beginning with project planning, which starts with resource identification. Involving the right people on both the EDITLife and customer implementation teams is key.


Knowing the cell therapy workflow, understanding legacy data structures, and focusing on migrating clinically relevant information are fundamental to a smooth process. Each customer is unique and has a specific set of needs, so every EDITLife implementation is tailored to meet the customer’s goals with a customized and detailed project plan complete with tasks,
assignments, and due dates.


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Marianne Ryan
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