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[mevo_title title=”Put the Focus Back on Patient Care” color=”#000000″]
[mevo_about_me name=”EDITLife” position=”Transplant Management System”]The EDITLife™ TMS manages complex workflows and tracks patient care throughout the entire BMT and Solid Organ transplantation processes. The TMS makes a difference in how a clinic functions by enhancing clinical decisions, improving quality assurance, increasing productivity/efficiencies and reducing exposure to citations. By streamlining the transplant process, EDITLife allows you to focus on what matters most: patient care.[/mevo_about_me]
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[mevo_title title=”The Right Data. Right here. Right Now.”][vc_wp_text]Everything you need is right where it should be. EMR and other interfaces minimize duplicate data entry and increase data accuracy. Innovative tools automate and streamline your transplant process.  [/vc_wp_text]
[mevo_title title=”Stay Survey Ready”][vc_wp_text]User-friendly query and reporting tools quickly produce the information needed to submit CIBMTR forms and respond to regulatory audits. Sleep better knowing that your Patient Lists track important due dates.   [/vc_wp_text]
[mevo_title title=”Put Your Data To Work”][vc_wp_text]Easy access to comprehensive, real-time views of patient data supports faster, better clinical decisions. Checklists ensure compliance with SOPs and help you stay on top of what needs to be done. Say good-bye to sticky notes.[/vc_wp_text]
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[mevo_title title=”More Than Just Software”][vc_wp_text]MSA is focused on your success. Continual support from an experienced team that understands the transplant process ensures continuous value from EDITLife and that the system is an integral part of your center’s operations. The EDITLife team works closely with you during installation – which includes legacy data migration, and implementation – which includes trainings based on workflows. The team provides on-going maintenance and unparalleled support long after go-live.[/vc_wp_text]
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