PRESS RELEASE: EDITLife Unveils Cell Counter Interface

PRESS RELEASE: EDITLife Unveils Cell Counter Interface

EDITLife unveils Cell Counter Interface, enabling cell therapy clinics and stem cell labs to increase productivity and improve patient care


Pittsburgh, PA – MSA Life Sciences’ EDITLife Team today announced the release of its much anticipated ASTM Cell Counter interface. EDITLife – the leading fully-integrated and automated data and clinical workflow software for Cell Therapy and Solid Organ Transplant programs – provides powerful tools for care teams to manage and streamline the entire transplant/infusion process, including stem cell processing.


The Cell Counter Interface was developed by MSA’s Life Sciences Division specifically for Cell Therapy centers as a result of valuable feedback from customers and users who currently hand enter and manually manipulate cell count data.


Interfacing directly to cell counters enables raw cell count data to seamlessly flow directly into the single-platform EDITLife database, shared by the cell therapy clinic and stem cell lab. The interface eliminates the need to manually enter this data, a tedious process that is costly in terms of efficiency and errors and takes time away from patient care. The automated EDITLife software system then converts this raw data into absolute cell counts – performing the often complex math involved with product splitting.


It is my pleasure to announce the EDITLife Cell Count Interface, designed and developed by MSA Life Sciences in o streamline clinic and lab workflows, reducing data entry and improving data integrity. Having a seamless connection with cell counters enables EDITLife users to efficiently and accurately capture and transform valuable data, ultimately improving patient care said Tony Fontecchio, VP, MSA Life Sciences.




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Under the direction of Tony Fontecchio, VP, MSA’s Life Sciences division leverages the corporation’s core competencies – analytics, data management and software and systems technology – in four practice areas: Clinical Workflow Applications, Healthcare Data Management, Healthcare Data Infusion and Analytics, and Healthcare Mobile Apps. For decades, industry leaders have relied on MSA Life Sciences for state-of-the-art data solutions and services.


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