EDITLife: See What You Missed at UNOS TMF 2020

EDITLife for Solid Organ Transplant

EDITLife: See What You Missed at UNOS TMF 2020

Sorry we missed you…   since TMF 2020 was canceled  to help keep the transplant community safe during this COVID-19 pandemic.


We would still love to speak with you and show you how the EDITLife software system:

1. Streamlines the solid organ transplant workflow through automation, giving clinicians more time to focus on patient care.

2. Seamlessly connects to all EHRs, pulling/pushing relevant data to/from the EHR to eliminate manual data entry and data errors.

3. Captures solid organ transplant-specific data from referral through post-transplant.

4. Provides easy access to protected data for report building.

5. Mirrors the solid organ transplant workflow, helping transplant programs maintain regulatory compliance.



Designed by and for physicians and clinicians, EDITLife is the data and clinical workflow management system for solid organ transplant.


Click here to get started.  Schedule an EDITLife demo!



Marianne Ryan
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