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Answers to questions from clinicians

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Some of the most frequently asked clinical questions regarding the EDITLife transplant management software system for Cell Therapy and Solid Organ Transplant are listed below.  Please contact us with other questions or for additional info.

How does EDITLife streamline the Cell Therapy and Solid Organ Transplant processes?

The EDITLife transplant management software system is designed specifically to simplify the Cell Therapy (including Blood and Marrow Transplant) and Solid Organ transplant clinical workflows. The transplant data software system saves valuable time while increasing efficiency and productivity through innovation and automation. The system provides the right tools, at the right time, in the right place.



Is EDITLife as easy to use as everyone says it is?

Absolutely! EDITLife’s intuitive user interface mirrors your clinical workflow, making it very easy to use and simple to train new staff. The transplant data management system generally uses words instead of icons so there is no doubt about what things mean.  A comprehensive, integrated, single system, EDITLife helps you save valuable time, allowing more time for what matters most: patient care.



Can the EDITLife software be tailored to meet our specific needs? Is that something we need your help with or can we do it ourselves?

EDITLife is highly configurable! IT professionals on the EDITLife Account Team will work closely with your system administrator/super user during the implementation phase to tailor the system to meet your center’s needs. Your center can continue to configure the software even after go-live.


For example, you create, modify, and delete lab sets as needed.  You define Conditioning and GVHD Prophylaxis regimens. You choose what is displayed on your dashboard and select your landing page. And, although the system comes with a list of options for each dropdown, you can modify the options at any time. Users can select a landing page, design their dashboard, and designate a proxy.



What if we get stuck? Do you provide support for EDITLife?

Yes, we provide unparalleled, proactive support to prevent and resolve issues quickly!


With EDITLife, you ‘ll have a designated EDITLife Account Representative whose top priority is to ensure that the system is integral to your operations. In addition, EDITLife clients have access to a fully-staffed, knowledgeable HELP Desk and support from the entire EDITLife team. To reach the EDITLife HELP Desk, please call the toll-free number, 855-534-5337.



Can my transplant center just use our EHR to manage our data?

Designed to complement your hospital EHR, the EDITLife transplant management software system interfaces to your EHR to capture data without needing to re-enter it manually.


The EDITLife system captures, stores, displays, analyzes, and reports much more transplant-specific data than what is stored in the EHR – transplant-specific data that can be used for administrative, clinical, and research purposes.


Unlike your encounter-centric EHR, EDITLife is patient-centric, meaning that you get a more comprehensive view of the full patient journey. And there’s no need for searching for data – everything is right where it needs to be, at your fingertips.


With EDITLife, you can, e.g., view side-by-side donor/recipient comparisons, capture data on potential donors not entered in the EHR, and review current and historical procedure results on one screen.


Contact Us

EMail: EDITLifeTeam@msa.com


Phone: HELP Desk 412-534-5337

Office Hours

Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm, excluding MSA holidays