EDITLife Streamlines the BMT/Cell Therapy Transplant Conditioning Process

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EDITLife Streamlines the BMT/Cell Therapy Transplant Conditioning Process

An essential component of allogeneic and autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) is the conditioning regimen administered before the hematopoietic cell infusion. Intended to allow engraftment of donor cells and/or control a malignant disease, conditioning regimens, typically based on national protocols and cutting-edge studies, play an important role in the long-term outcome of HCT. While the overall goals of conditioning regimens are the same (to suppress the immune system so that the patient will not reject the new graft, make room in the recipient’s system for the donor marrow stem cells to grow, and destroy any residual cancer cells), HCT regimens vary from one patient to another.


Selecting the appropriate conditioning regimen depends upon the type of cancer, the treatment program used by the transplant center, the clinical trial protocol (if the patient is enrolled in a clinical trial), as well as other factors. The drugs, or chemotherapy, and/or radiation that are used as well as the intensity of the conditioning regimen (myeloablative, reduced intensity, and nonmyeloablative) vary with the underlying disease.


Frequently used pre-transplant conditioning agents include busulfan, cyclophosphamide, melphalan, fludarabine, thiotepa, and treosulfan – however, the constituents, the schedule (days) of administration, and doses differ in the various conditioning regimen protocols. Conditioning protocols also differ between pediatrics and adults – in pediatrics, more emphasis should be given to growth and puberty issues. And, the diagnosis, disease status, donor availability (i.e., HLA disparity, predicting the risk of rejection), graft source, and patient-related factors such as the presence or absence of comorbid conditions influence the choice of conditioning regimen when evaluating a patient for allogeneic HCT,.


So, which Regimen? Treatment? Dose? When to do radiation? How much? EDITLife, a fully automated, fully integrated data and clinical workflow management system designed for BMT/cell therapy centers helps clinicians manage the often very complex Conditioning process.


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