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EDITLife: Leading the Way with CAR-T Forms

EDITLife: Leading the Way with CAR-T Forms

Are you challenged with the demands of CIBMTR form completion and submission, including CAR-T forms?

Click here to talk with us about how EDITLife can help.


The EDITLife Team has worked closely with the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR) to verify and validate the electronic submission of CAR-T forms and is ready to go!


EDITLife is set to electronically submit all 10 of the CIBMTR-supported-for-electronic-submission CAR-T data forms: 4 CAR-T only forms (Forms 4000, 4003, 4006, and 4100) and 6 forms shared with HSCT (Forms 2018, 2118, 2402, 2814, and 2900).


Electronically submitting data collection forms guarantees consistency in the data from the center and the data received by CIBMTR, lessens the time commitment required to submit forms, and holds the data at the center for its own research and reporting needs.


EDITLife handles CIBMTR forms better than any other system on the market. The system auto-populates forms, provides a pro-active, comprehensive list of forms coming due for all patients,  displays visual cues when data is added or changed from what was most recently submitted, and more.


Learn about the rapid availability of CAR-T and the tools/resources needed to effectively track and report CAR-T patient outcomes. 

Click here to read our whitepaper: Keeping Up With CAR-T.






Marianne Ryan
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