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EDITLife Partners

Delivering a World-Class Transplant Data Management System

MSA Life Sciences’ EDITLife team establishes relationships with other industry leaders to deliver complete transplant management systems.


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Partner with us as we build world-class transplant software solutions.


Extract Systems‘ document handling platform reads your incoming unstructured documents, extracts or redacts the information you need, and routes the data and original document to your chosen final destination.


Extract’s automated process reduces manual data entry and the human error typically associated with entering data. The process also speeds up access to discrete data that you can share, analyze, and report.


EDITLife is designed to interface with all EHRs in order to reduce the manual entry of structured data and improve data accuracy.  Having a direct connection with Extract Systems enables the EDITLife team to better meet customers’ need to efficiently capture the valuable information in unstructured documents or data sources.