5 Tips for Justifying LABHero Software for Cell Processing Labs

LABHero justification meeting

5 Tips for Justifying LABHero Software for Cell Processing Labs

LABHero, the EDITLife data and clinical workflow management system’s module for the Cell Processing Lab streamlines every step of the lab workflow through Infusion – including Screening, Eligibility, Scheduling, and Collection – with a focus on processing quality product and improving patient outcomes. Justifying LABHero by presenting solid evidence of LABHero’s merit – including benefits, such as fully-integrated and automated operations and improved patient safety – increases the likelihood of gaining approval to license the software.


Tip: Illustrate How LABHero Supports Strategic Goals


Your case for licensing LABHero should be benefits-driven, taking into account qualitative metrics that support the lab’s goals and objectives, such as patient safety, quality of care, provider and patient satisfaction, quality reporting, and audit readiness/response.


Tip: Prepare Responses to ROI-related Questions


When calculating your Return on Investment (ROI), be prepared to answer questions, such as: What is the licensing model? Is there a per user cost? The licensing model for EDITLife is enterprise-wide license; MSA does not license or charge per concurrent user, CPU, or seat.


Other questions to prepare for include:

  • What is the total initial investment?
  • What maintenance investment will be required in subsequent years?
  • What internal costs will the hospital incur for the software implementation?


The quote provided for LABHero will provide answers to these questions and additional information needed to demonstrate the application’s value to your lab operations.


Tip: Focus on Tangible and Intangible Benefits


Examples of qualitative benefits of LABHero include:

  • Improved Medical Outcomes
  • Improved Data Management
  • Improved Data Accuracy


Tip: Emphasize Quality and Efficiency Improvements Through Automation and Integration

LABHero’s automation functionality and features improve quality by eliminating manual steps that lead to errors and improves turnaround times. Product integrity improves by eliminating person-to-person variability in protocol deployment.  Automation allows the lab to scale operations and standardize best practices.


Integration with the Cell Therapy Clinic improves communication. By sharing real-time data – such as secure Tasks and Messages, as well as Source Selection/Planning, Collection, Conditioning, Inventory, and Infusion data to coordinate and planning and timing – LabHero keeps everyone on the same page.


Tip: Highlight LABHero’s Unique Features and Advanced Tools


LABHero’s innovative features help you modernize and upgrade your cell processing lab operations, including:

  • Protocol Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Lists
  • Auto-Updated HCT Calendar
  • User-Configurable, Real-Time Dashboards


A mindful approach to the cost justification and benefits review can increase your chances of getting the green light to license the EDITLife LABHero module for your cell processing lab.


Click here to read the full whitepaper: LABHero for the Cell Processing Lab



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